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Teacher Education


Nov. 19: Teacher Education: Is It Any Good?

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David Labaree of Stanford University gives a history of teacher education that points out its low status from the beginning. He also points to the irony that many of our public universities, which have world wide acclaim, initially began as normal schools whose sole purpose was to educate teachers.


Deborah Loewenberg Ball of the University of Michigan School of Education, describes the teacher education program Michigan has developed that features rigorously supervised clinical experience. She hopes this program will become a national model.

Ball’s program of research focuses on mathematics instruction, and on interventions designed to improve its quality and effectiveness. Her research groups study the interplay of mathematics and pedagogy in the teaching of mathematics and seek to identify the knowledge and skill needed for effective practice and how these are both used and developed.




The Study of Instructional Improvement is a research project conducted by the University of Michigan in partnership with the Consortium for Policy Research in Education.

Arthur Levine formerly president of Teachers College, Columbia University and now president of the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation describes his criticisms of teacher education and explains why he is hopeful that the current times present an opportunity for a positive transformation.



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